KIT2700 Series - NEMA 12 (IP54) Industrial Sealed Keyboards with 1.5" Trackball

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KIT2700 Series

The KIT2700 Series are full travel industrial sealed keyboards, with 101/104 key functionality. These rugged keyboards are sealed to NEMA 12 (IP54) with a molded, replaceable polyurethane seal, and are combined with our high reliability trackball mouse pointer. The 1.5 " diameter trackball has a formed Teflon sealing ring in a metal collar, redundant photo-detectors and hardened stainless steel shafts; making it very durable and precise. These ergonomic keyboards offer high reliability trackball mouse pointers, and are available in anodized aluminum enclosures, which come standard with a gasket sealed bottom plate, rubber feet and sealed threaded holes for optional mounting to any work surface with just two screws. This industrial keyboard and trackball mouse pointer combination are the perfect solution where dust and minor liquid spills are of a concern; such as offices, security booths, manufacture control systems, and packaging plants.

KIT2700 Industrial Sealed Keyboards Technical Drawing (PDF)

PS2 Bulkhead Panel Cable (PDF)
USB Bulkhead Panel Cable (PDF)
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